The uncountable Health Benefits of Raw feeding of Pets – Cats and Dogs

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The health of pets, especially dogs and cats, largely depends on proper nutrition. However, some of their owners are unaware of this and continue to offer them food waste, without it being enough to feed them.

Pet Parents want the best for their four-legged best friends to increase their quality of life and see them happy. The key to making this happen is to feed them a complete, balanced and nutritious diet. But what diet can be the best for your dogs and cats? The answer is raw feeding of pets –cats and dogs, so below you will found everything you need to know about the raw feeding of your pets.

What is raw food for Pets?

A raw food diet closely resembles the diet your dog and cat ancestors would have eaten. It prioritizes natural ingredients and a balance of vitamins and minerals to provide what your pet needs from his diet. Because the ingredients remain raw, raw dog and cat food does not lose enzymes and vitamins when cooked. Additionally, the formulation omits preservatives that can be found in non-raw foods.

Here’s what a typical raw diet includes:

• Muscle meat adds good quality natural protein, fat, vitamins and minerals to your pet’s diet; bones, ground for calcium

• Natural vitamins and minerals found in the liver and kidneys for multivitamins, plus offal are packed with key nutrients, including amino acids, B-complex vitamins, vitamins D, E and K2. It also provides trace elements such as chromium, copper and zinc.

• Raw eggs, which contain vitamins and omega 3, are a source of amino acids and are rich in fatty acids, iron, vitamin A and other nutrients and minerals.

• Fruits and vegetables for vitamins and fiber.

Now you’ve been wondering if you can feed your dog and cat raw food, the answer is yes! Here are some of the benefits of raw feeding of pet -dogs and cats.

What are the benefits of feeding cat and dog raw food?

First of all, the raw food that you can offer your pets has the unbeatable advantage. When you prepare your pet’s diet you can help your dog and cat improve their life, more effectively by improving their health day by day.

One of the main benefits your pet will get from eating raw food is obviously excellent health. Many owners who have already made the switch find that their pet no longer has allergies or other health problems. 

Some of the more obvious signs are a shinier coat, cleaner teeth, fresher breath, odorless stools, and generally a happier, healthier pet. Nature is the source of all things healthy, as think of a raw diet as a fast track to vibrant health and happiness.

It gives pets a stronger immune system, which helps protect them against illness and allergies. It can increase the life expectancy of your pet and greatly improve its ability to reproduce.

In addition to healthier teeth and gums, they develop strong jaw, shoulder, and neck muscles from everything they chew on, like raw meat and bones. Eating raw food is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps balance your pet’s body pH (acidity/alkalinity), so you can have the equivalent of a bionic pet.

Fine and sophisticated

Feeding your pet a raw diet means his body will naturally find its ideal weight. Those who make the switch to raw feeding find that their pet begins to lose weight and/or change body shape. Basically, what your pet is doing naturally is losing the excess fats he has accumulated from eating too many carbohydrates (such as grains, rice, and corn) added to commercial pet foods, and he is gaining actual muscle mass.

It also works the other way around, for example with cats that seem to always be hungry, regardless of the time of day or night. Switching to a raw diet increases their satisfaction as they get the proper nutritional requirements they need from food and no longer beg for food all the time.

Raw food eating increases your pet’s metabolic rate and has a direct impact on their activity levels and life expectancy. It’s like when we eat more salads, raw vegetables, and fruits, we naturally lose weight because we no longer fill our intestines with processed foods and sugars, which gain weight. 


It has already been mentioned that natural, fresh and raw dog and cat food can greatly improve the health and well-being of your pet. The good news is that it can also help with some chronic health problems. By feeding some dogs a raw food diet, there have been noticeable improvements in many dogs and cats.

The raw food diet has shown positive effects in pets with these ailments: diabetes, skin allergies, obesity, degenerative diseases, ear infections, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritic conditions, gingivitis, reproductive health and many more.

With healthy food, the body naturally absorbs more wellness, stores less fat, and along with proper exercise, your pet is sure to shine.