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With its sleek appearance, the Sloughic is a handsome and energetic family companion. Since this noble breed is considered a sighthound, this dog is happiest when it has a large, fenced-in backyard.,Originating in North Africa, the Sloughic was bred by the Berbers in Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, and Morocco. However, no one knows when the breed originated; it is thought to have been around since the 13th century. This breed was favored for its intense desire to hunt and for its unwavering hunting abilities. Game such as wild boar, gazelle, jackals, and foxes are no match for this dog’s hunting prowess. The American Kennel Club states, “An ancient breed, it is cherished in North Africa for its hunting skills, speed, agility and endurance over long distances. The breed is noble and somewhat aloof, with a soft, melancholic expression”. The Sloughi was first brought to the United States in 1973.,When it comes to training a Sloughi, some lessons will be easier than others. He can be easily trained to take course or lure, but parlor tricks like playing dead or rolling over can prove much more difficult. He will be more likely to learn things related to what he likes to do, such as chasing after and returning a ball. All training should be done with positive reinforcement. Repeated lessons and rewards seem to work best for the Sloughi. Their feelings are easily hurt, so yelling and reprimands should be avoided.,The best way to describe a Sloughi’s temperament is feline. He is aloof and reserved, but never fearful or shy. Loyal and loving, this dog bonds quickly to his family and the bond is never broken. However, the Sloughi has been described as a one-man dog; he will easily bond with the whole family. It is important that this breed is kept indoors with the family. He is sociable with his people and needs the love and affection of his family. One of the best characteristics of the Sloughi is that they are quiet dogs. However, they will warn their owner(s) about the presence of a stranger; they are not overbearing barkers. This makes this breed the perfect companion for active families.,An exceptionally healthy breed of dog, the Sloughi doesn’t carry the baggage of health issues that afflicts many large dogs. Very few genetic problems are associated with this breed. The breed may be prone to PRA or Progressive Retinal Atrophy. PRA can cause blindness, so clear parents are important for breeding healthy puppies. Hypothyroidism and heart murmurs of all grades have been found in the breed. Severe reactions to vaccines, drugs, and anesthesia are quite common in the Sloughi. Fortunately, they are generally healthy dogs, so few people experience these problems.,As a sighthound, the Sloughi is a very athletic dog. He needs plenty of space to run in a securely fenced area. This is not the dog breed for a sedentary family who would rather lounge on the couch than run around the park. Treadmills are not a substitute for outdoor running, although many people allow their dogs to use them during inclement weather. A Sloughi makes a great family companion and will enjoy playing with children in the yard. They can be easily entertained, keeping both the dog and the kids entertained for hours.,The Sloughi’s coat should be smooth and quite soft. It has no feathering or areas of long hair anywhere on its body or paws. However, this dog has a variety of acceptable coat colors that can range from cream to deep brown; darker colored and black are known to occur. Grooming is quite minimal. Regular bathing is not necessary as the coat’s consistency repels dirt and grime. Occasional brushing with a bristle mitt or soft brush will keep the coat in top condition.,