Skye Terrier

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The Skye Terrier is a recognized dog breed originating in Scotland.,The origin of the Skye Terrier is said to be the result of an accident. At the beginning of the seventeenth century, a ship was wrecked off the Isle of Skye, an island of the Scottish Hebrides. Some Maltese sailed on that ship. The dogs that survived the shipwreck mixed with the local terriers and this new extremely enjoyable and unique breed was born.,According to another story, the Skye Terrier was developed as a working terrier by farmers to exterminate foxes, badgers and otters. In the mid-nineteenth century, the breed was very popular in noble circles. This breed was recognized by the AKC in 1887. The coat that originally served to protect the Skye Terrier from the sharp teeth of wild animals is today a symbol of its beauty. The Skye Terrier is the only member of the Terrier family that belongs to the North West Isles and is not found in all of Scotland.,The Skye Terrier is a very good-humoured, polite and affectionate dog. He is brave, energetic and bold. This lovable and playful dog is more serious than the other terriers. The Skye Terrier needs a lot of attention to feel happy. His greatest quality is loyalty to his family. This dog is protective and somewhat headstrong. It is important to socialize this dog with people at a young age as otherwise he may become overly suspicious of strangers as he grows up.,There are no serious health problems with this breed. The less serious health problems associated with the Skye Terrier are von Willebrand’s disease, eye problems and muscle problems.,The coat should be brushed regularly with a good pin brush or metal comb. This dog needs very little bathing. The hair around the eyes and mouth should be kept clean. The skin around the ears should also be kept clean.,