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The Schipperke can be used as a guard dog, pest exterminator and family dog.,The Schipperke is originally from Flanders and its name is derived from the Flemish ”Scheperke”, which means sheepdog. This old breed, from the 15th century, probably used to work with the herds, but it can also hunt moles, rabbits and hares. In 1888 the first breed description for this breed was drawn up. In the 19th century, the animals were very popular in rat catching competitions. The ancestors of this breed are believed to be a cross between a Keeshond and a Terrier. There are also quite a lot of animals outside Belgium.,This breed is a small, sturdy, stocky dog ​​with a sharp, tailless expression. The animals clearly feel bigger than they actually are. The Schipperke has a lively expression and excellent hearing. The Schipperke is affectionate, loves attention, kind to children, hardy, unfriendly to strangers, fearless, alert, curious and intelligent. The animals like to bark. Despite its size, the Schipperke is by no means a lap dog. Because of its size, it is suitable for people who live in a small house. The Schipperke can travel great distances, but adapts easily when given less exercise.,De Schipperke has a predisposition to hypothyroidism, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, Perthes disease of the calves, PRA and cataracts. A recently discovered disease called MPS 111B also occurs in these dogs. This dog quickly develops overweight and should therefore not be overfed.,De Schipperke largely takes care of his own care. Nevertheless, the coat should be combed and brushed regularly. The use of dry shampoo is only necessary when the coat is dull, otherwise this dog sheds very little.,The Schipperke can be used as a guard dog, pest exterminator and family dog.,