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The Pulic is an ancient sheep herding breed that came to Hungary with the Magyars many thousands of years ago.,This breed probably originated from the Tibetan Terrier and was widely used by herders. This breed almost disappeared around World War II. Through the efforts of dedicated breeders, this breed has been brought back to life. The Pulic was first registered with the AKC in 1936 in the herding dog group.,It is an energetic and lively dog ​​with a playful nature and he is extremely loyal to his family. Originally, this breed was bred as a herder, but today these dogs have a different reputation. It is a beloved family dog ​​and a very good companion. This dog has the ability to adapt to most environments and situations. The Puli is an intelligent and clever dog. Its great ability to learn makes it easy to train the Puli. But this dog is an independent thinker and he knows what he wants and because of that he can show stubbornness. These dogs are extremely obedient to their owners and learn tricks quickly.,The Puli never displays aggression or violent behavior. But these dogs don’t trust strangers. The Puli is extremely protective and will never hesitate to warn if it believes its owner is in danger. This breed is not recommended for young children. These dogs have a great amount of self-esteem and don’t like to tease children. However, these dogs do well with children, when raised with them from infancy. The Puli is a very energetic dog and needs regular exercise. This breed prefers a house with a yard to an apartment. This dog is not suitable for warm climates. The Puli needs a strict owner who has plenty of time to devote to his dog.,It is a tough breed with a healthy body and the Puli has very few health problems. Serious health problems do not occur with this breed. Nevertheless, these dogs should be monitored for hip dysplasia and eye problems.,The Puli has a corded coat and the strands that form must be regularly separated by hand. When cords become entangled, they must be separated by hand. Other than taking the cords apart and bathing regularly, the Puli doesn’t require much grooming. After bathing, it takes quite some time without a hair dryer, about two days, for the coat to dry again. The ears and eyes should be cleaned regularly and the nails should be clipped. This breed does not shed excessively and is not allergic.,