Mastitis in dogs: learn what you need to help them

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Mastitis in dogs is a disease that frequently affects homeless animals. It is likely that when you rescue a dog from the street and give her first aid , you will notice that they may present this condition. This is because some have had unmonitored pregnancies.

What is mastitis in dogs?

In general terms, we can define mastitis as infections in the mammary glands of bitches. Its fundamental cause is related to the drop in the defenses that they suffer when giving birth to their puppies. According to the South Veterinary Center (2020), this situation causes germs called staphylococci to appear in breast milk and from there in the breasts, causing mastitis.

Mastitis in dogs affects lactating female dogs that have just given birth, and in some cases those that have not had puppies. Also, dogs with psychological pregnancies could develop this disease. Similarly, sometimes puppies cause it. When they touch the nipple when suckling, they can cause infected wounds that tend to get complicated if they are not treated correctly. This would put the puppy’s own life at risk, since the milk can become infected (Affinity Petcare, sf).

Symptoms of mastitis in dogs: how to identify it?

Mastitis in dogs have clear and easy to recognize symptoms. The main symptom is the lack of interest in food. By not eating, the animal will be without energy and will lose weight. According to César Millán (2013), other determining symptoms are: pus discharge bloody discharge reddened breasts angry tits Pain Discomfort Diarrhea Fever Apathy increased heart rate vomiting, among others.

Treatments for mastitis in dogs

To give it a specialized treatment, it is necessary to go to the veterinarian. In the end, he is the one who will know exactly what to do. Treatment usually consists of antibiotics to fight the infection and hot water compresses. However, in the first instance you can provide special care:

Cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning should be the first step in treating mastitis in dogs . Keeping the area clean is essential to avoid complications that can lead to more serious problems in female dogs. It disinfects well without harming it; remember that it is a very sensitive area.


The animal must be kept well hydrated. If necessary, physiological saline should be applied. In addition, it is necessary to keep it comfortable and in a place with a good temperature. Let her rest properly.

Hot water compresses

Applying hot water compresses to the dog’s breasts is a measure that can be very useful. In addition, infected glands can be milked to reduce inflammation (JC1 Veterinarios, nd). Mastitis in dogs must be treated promptly, because if it gets complicated it can cause serious consequences such as loss of the breasts. So leave the health of your pet, with whom you enjoy life so much because it is an excellent company , in the hands of professionals.