Important Facts to Consider Before Giving CBD Treats To Your Pet 

by admin

Among all the pet wellness trends, CBD products have surely made a mark on the lives of pet parents and their beloved furry babies.  While CBD products are ubiquitous and well received by various groups of consumers, usage of CBD Oil for pets is still treated with apprehension by many.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound byproduct of cannabis and hemp. The popularity of CBD products is in the form of broad-spectrum CBD, a variant that does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the element that is associated with the high feeling of CBD. CBD treats for cats and dogs are, in fact, derived from organic hemp and not marijuana. Hence, if you’ve come across the latest pet wellness trend favouring CBD oil and treats for pets, here are a few vital considerations before you make your purchase:

  • The Purpose. The first and foremost factor to be taken into account is the purpose you want to fulfil with the CBD product. Current studies have reported several benefits of giving CBD oils or tinctures to pets, but the primary function must be clear. For example, CBD has been shown to contain medicinal properties that help alleviate joint pains, improve GI issues, or even reduce the effects of glaucoma in animals. Similarly, it is also known to calm anxious and nervous behaviour among cats and dogs while helping with their phobias of common triggers such as loud noises, firecrackers, strangers, thunderstorms, etc. Thus, know what condition you’re trying to address for your feline friend, as it’ll determine the dosage and frequency of the product administered.
  • Nature of Product. CBD products are being accepted due to their multifarious benefits for both humans and animals when consumed in regulated dosages. This shows that when used in a systematic manner and with a conscious forethought, CBD products can address and help with numerous conditions such as epilepsy, osteoarthritis, anxiety, etc., among pets. Therefore, the nature of the product consumed by your pet will greatly determine the effect on their behaviours and condition. For example, some pet owners find CBD treats for cats to be more effective in establishing a healthy behaviour and regulating anxious energy, while others noted that CBD oil specifically made for pets is easier to administer and helps ease their pets’ discomforts, and calms them faster than the treats.
  • Authorised Seller. Lastly, it is fundamentally important to take the manufacturer’s stance on quality assurance into consideration to ensure that you get authentic products. Hence, only trust a certified seller who provides transparency in sourcing the hemp plant and manufacturing each CBD product for pets carry the Certificate of Analysis (COA). As the popularity of CBD products increase, so is the widespread sale across legal states. This calls for an extra cautious approach from you as a consumer to be diligent in buying only organic hemp-derived, broad-spectrum CBD oil for your pet that is completely devoid of THC and safe for daily usage in a regulated manner.

CBD oils and tinctures are being increasingly supported by various studies in the merits they bring by calming nervous energy, promoting sleep, and happy behaviour in your furry little one. So, place an order for CBD treats or oil for cats and dogs and give your pet a more comfortable routine!