Holiday Pet Gift Guide for 2021

by admin

Now that Halloween has passed, the season of giving is officially underway. As you prepare to show love and gratitude to those you hold most dear, you no doubt have wondered what to get your beloved pet. Pets, after all, gift us with unconditional love and affection year-round. They show us how to live through their unflappable grace, kindness, and patience. That kind of love deserves to be treated. This 2021 holiday pet gift guide is designed to show your pet just how much you love and appreciate them.

1. Subscription Boxes

holiday guide kitnip

Subscription boxes are very popular whether it’s for food, clothes, flowers, beauty, or niche interest products. One great gift for you and your pet is the BloomsyBox, which offers a subscription to (or one-time order of) pet-safe flora. So many pet owners have to forego the loveliness of flowers because of the digestive hazards they present if consumed; however, BloomsyBox’s pet-safe subscription allows you to beautify you and your pet’s living space without fear. This is a great gift for your friends with pets who also love bringing nature indoors.

Other great subscription boxes for cats and dogs that you can subscribe to with your Amazon Prime account include:

  • Pupjoy
  • KitNipBox
  • BoxDog
  • BoxCat
  • Barkbox
  • Meowbox
  • Pawstruck
  • The Dapper Dog

These subscriptions generally include toys, accessories, nips and treats, grooming accessories, and more. Each kit is different. Note that if your pet has a special diet or if you’re already happy with your dental chew and treat plan, you’ll want to look for a kit that is more toy and resource-centric than food-centric.

2. KONG Bonding & Training Toys

holiday guide kong

Dogs love attention and play. They love when you’re around and are able to play with them, which of course, isn’t always possible…to be around and to play all day every day. When dogs are sad or upset, they express their emotions through behaviors such as chewing or digging or barking or whimpering. Dogs get separation anxiety just like people.

If any of this sounds familiar, then a toy from KONG could be exactly what your puppy, young adult, adult, or senior dogs needs this holiday season. KONG makes a wide variety of chew toys that can be stuffed with treats. Your dog chews on the treat-stuffed KONG instead of engaging in an undesirable behavior. Thus, they’re happy and you’re happy because they have a treat and are unlearning a behavior.

Speaking of happiness, KONG also has a line of cat toys (the KONG kitty) that include similar chew toys, yarn pulls, and more perfect for boosting cat happiness and wellness (it’s true that cats like to play, too!).

3. WestPaw Durable Dog Toys

holiday guide westpaw

Another great holiday gift idea for dogs who love to chew is a WestPaw chew toy. WestPaw toys are handmade, easy to clean, and ultra-durable. These toys made from BPA free latex or impenetrable fabrics come in an assortment of shapes and sizes to fit the needs of every pet.

There are also puzzle toys, which can be filled with treats to incentivize your dog’s engagement. Puzzle toys are awesome because they help keep your dog’s mental faculties sharp.

4. Training Treats for Chew Toys (Among Other Things)

holiday guide whimzees

Of course, if you get your dog a training treat or if you just want to treat your dog, you need to find something. These are treats that are natural, tasty, and healthy. There are some that are even good for oral hygiene.

For dogs

  • Soft Puppy Bites
  • CORE® Marrow Roasts crunchy biscuits
  • Old Mother Hubbard Jingle Jangles Natural P-Nuttier holiday dog treats
  • Old Mother Hubbard Winter Fun P-Nuttier holiday dog biscuits

For canine oral health

  • WHIMZEES® Winter Shapes natural dental chews
  • WHIMZEES® Brushzees® daily dental treats

For cats

  • Tuna & cranberries flavored Wellness® Kittles™ cat treats

Treats are a great gift because your pet loves the reward of a yummy treat. If the treat is the kind you can use in a WestPaw puzzle toy or a KONG chewy toy, then so much the better. Your pet gets a delicious treat and has fun while you know that your pet is really enjoying their gifts.

5. Jazz Up Your Pet’s Meal

holiday guide tiny tasters

Feeding the same thing day in and day out can cause some pets to grow bored with their meal. Some say variety is the spice of life, and we think that easily applies to your pet’s food. Adding a meal topper to your dog’s bowl or having your cat try a different cat food is a great way to ensure they’ll be extra excited for mealtime.

  • For dogs, try CORE® Bowl Boosters® Digestive Health functional toppers
  • For cats, try the several different flavors of Wellness® CORE® Tiny Tasters™ wet cat food

6. Wickedbone Smart Bone


For techie dogs or for dogs who like a little more interaction, the Wickedbone is a robot dog bone that plays with your dog. It can jump from and tease your dog to engage play. The bone has different mood settings as well. This is a great toy for dogs without anyone else to play with and with parents who might be gone for long workdays.

7. Whistle Go Explore GPS Pet Collarwhistle go explore pet collar

If you’ve ever lost your pet, then you know it can be incredibly stressful and traumatic. There are several great GPS pet collars out there, but one worth recommending is the Whistle Go Explore GPS pet collar. This luxurious gift gives you peace of mind as you are able to keep track of your dog’s location when you go for hikes, walks, runs in the park, etc. If you’re playing catch with your dog and your dog disappears, a GPS tracking collar gives you peace of mind.

8. Litter Genie Clean Cat FacilitiesLitter Genie

For cat owners, the Litter Genie is a must-gift to yourself and to your cat. Endorsed by several celebrity cats, the litter genie eliminates embarrassing cat odors and makes cleaning your royal feline’s facilities much easier. If your cat is like most, then it only wants the best things in life. The Litter Genie is one of those things.

9. Crinkle Cat Play TunnelCrinkle cat tunnel

Cats love to hide, and they love to play. The Frisco Crinkle Cat Play tunnel offers the option for your cat to hide out in a secret space while also playing with an attached fluffy toy. This is also great for multiple cat households as the escape hole at the top allows for much mischief. 

10. The K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Penthouse Cat Window PerchWindow perch for cats

Cats are most comfortable when they’re able to observe a room or a scene from on high. The K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Penthouse Cat Window Perch is perfect for anxious felines who need to get away from it all from time to time. They’re able to look out the window and around the house from the perch while still feeling connected to you and everything happening in the home.

11. FluentPet Communication Setfluent pet communication system

Finally, if you’ve ever wished you knew what your pet was saying, the FluentPet talking buttons set is exactly what you never knew you needed most. The FluentPet is a series of buttons and tiles that pets can push that enable your cat or dog to “speak” to you. These interactions have helped pet owners better understand their pets and address their needs.

Pets deserve to be loved and celebrated every day, but during the holidays, a little extra is always nice. Whether you’re giving your pet a luxurious high end gift or some fun and festive healthy delicious treats, we at Wellness Pet Food believe in giving nothing but the best for our beloved pets (which is why all of our recipes are as yummy as they are healthy!).