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Uma has never had dandruff, but I still remember how much my previous dog had… and on top of that it was black!

Over time and many tests we discovered that dandruff was due to a food reaction to cereals.

But there are many other causes that cause the development of dandruff in dogs, so today we are going to dedicate this article to this unsightly and annoying condition.

What is dandruff in dogs?

Dandruff is a clump of dead cells and scales on the dog’s skin.

These cells, after detaching, are not eliminated, they remain and accumulate.

Dandruff appears because the normal process where cells must be renewed is shortened, due to the presence of dead skin.

Despite being something very annoying, dandruff can be solved, however, it is a health problem that needs attention, because it could be something minor or something more serious.

To determine its severity, it is necessary to truly know what is causing it and that can only be diagnosed by the veterinarian.

Did you know that dog allergies are due to dog dander?

Why do dogs develop dandruff? 

When owning a dog, the biggest concern is that it will get sick, and if for some reason it develops dandruff, it may not be alarming to its adopters, but it should be.

When a dog has dandruff, it is necessary to know why it has it and thus attack it correctly.

The presence of dandruff in a dog could be something important. 

When the reason for dandruff is discovered, the reason can be attacked, and once the correct treatment is started, the dandruff will go away.

The causes of dandruff in dogs are many, but the most common is dry skin.

skin dryness

This dryness is not only considered the main cause, but it is also very uncomfortable since it causes a lot of discomfort and itching in the dog.

This dryness not only produces dandruff, but the itching and discomfort make the dog want to scratch, and it can be worse, since it could be injured or injured causing dermatitis.

For this reason, it is very important to go to the vet to find out the cause of dandruff and attack it quickly, in the best possible way.

Other causes of dandruff in dogs are:

Poor or excessive hygiene

Many times the lack of hygiene in a dog is one of the causes of dandruff but it is also often due to excessive washing.

Also when adopters use some type of product to bathe their pet, without knowing if it is a suitable product for them.

Choosing a specific dog shampoo for them is essential.

This means that adopters must go to experts so that they can guide them in the best way regarding the amount of washing.

Also to indicate what type of product is not harmful to the dog’s skin or its health in general.

This way you can avoid the appearance of dandruff.

The environment around the dog

Many adopters live with their pets in arid climates and this affects the moisture of the dogs’ skin.

So if the moisture on the skin dries up, the dog may have dandruff.

allergies in the environment

Many dogs can be allergic. Allergies are one of the most common reasons for dandruff in dogs.

Locating the cause of the allergy is essential to end the problem of dandruff in dogs.


Dandruff usually manifests as small white flakes or small scales.

However, when the dog develops blisters that later become scabs when they burst, this means that some type of infection is present.

Infections can be bacterial and fungal.

When a dog has dandruff caused by an infection, it is not only necessary to find the correct diagnosis and treatment, but also to carry out an increase in hygiene throughout the house and, above all, where the dog likes to be. .