Choosing a Vet for Your Dog

by admin

Besides you and your family, your dog’s vet is the most important person in their life. After all, the vet is responsible for his health throughout his life. So how do you choose a vet who provides the best care possible?

One of the best ways to find a vet is through a friend’s recommendation. If you know someone in your area with a dog or cat, ask them where they take their pet and what they think of the quality of service.

Call or surf

Another possibility is to start your search in the phone book or on the internet. You probably don’t want to drive your sick dog for half an hour before getting to the vet, so focus on those closest to you. Select a few practices in your area and give them a call to see if it’s possible to take a look and introduce yourself.

You do not need to bring your dog for this first visit. This visit is purely for you to get an idea of ​​the practice and the people who work there. Is it clean? Are the employees professional? Should you get the chance to meet the vets; are they friendly and approachable? You put your dog’s life in the hands of these people, so it’s important that you feel comfortable with them.

Find out if it’s a one-person or group practice. Most veterinary clinics have one vet and a number of assistants who help the animals. Group practices are becoming more common as they have a whole range of skills that are made available to the patients. However, a group practice is not necessarily better than a one-person practice. Find out more about

How much?

Cost is an important factor when choosing a practice. Veterinary care can be expensive, so it may be a good idea to ask what pet insurance will cover once you’ve found a good clinic.

Another factor to consider is emergency care. A veterinary practice will have 24 hour emergency arrangements in place. Find out what the emergency policies are and what they refer to.

The best advice is to follow your dog’s cues and your own instincts. What you are looking for in a vet is someone who is deeply involved with animals and of course your dog in particular.

Your vet will often be your first point of contact regarding the snags of owning a dog, so choose someone you can communicate with openly and honestly.