5 tips to take care of your puppy

by admin
Make a calm presentation: Make sure the puppy’s arrival is quiet, without loud noises and with few people, in this way you will avoid feeling scared or intimidated.
Being the new one is not easy!
A space just for him: Adequate a space in your house where your puppy can go in case of feeling scared,
it can be a house, a box or a small corner where he can find his bed and his favorite toys.
Balanced diet:
The perfect food should provide your puppy with the nutrients necessary for its development such as Ringo products for puppies that
contain a balanced mix of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that helps their bones, hair, teeth and skin to be healthy and strong.
Keep your eyes peeled:
Puppies are very restless, explorers and prone to getting into trouble, so it is very important that you
be attentive to their movements, this will help you identify the behaviors that you should correct and those that you can reward.
Strengthen the connection with your pupy:

Dogs by nature have the facility to make friends, but in the puppy stage they are more curious
and are willing to socialize, you can take advantage of this to teach them tricks and good behavior.